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Committed to Helping All Students Find Academic Success

Salem's Continuing and Alternative Program 

About Us

For over 40 years, the Continuing and Alternative Education program at Salem High School has offered a wide variety of programs and services to the Greater Salem Community.  Our teachers and staff take great pride in our program and classes and strive to meet a wide variety of student needs. Participants in our programs come from diverse backgrounds and help make this program an important community resource.

Each year hundreds of students walk through our doors to earn credits towards a high school diploma, to learn English, to develop new skills, to strengthen basic academic skills, to learn a new hobby, and to meet others in the community. One of the most inspiring programs we offer is for students with developmental disabilities who wish to continue learning and socializing with others in a classroom setting. The core mission of our program is to offer quality educational programs to learners of all ages and backgrounds and to help them reach their academic and personal goals.  


Refer to the COVID-19 website for regular updates and resources in an effort to help families reduce the risk in their home and community.

Our programs include:

Adult High School Diploma: This program is for students who wish to complete their high school diploma, recover credits, or prepare to meet college entrance requirements.  Students must meet all graduation requirements and will then receive an Alternative High School Diploma which is recognized by military, colleges, and employers.  Adult students may also brush-up on their algebra, biology, or chemistry knowledge in order to meet admission requirements for health care programs at local colleges. 

Adult Basic Education:  Adult Basic Education (ABE) programs serve students ages 18 and over who are not enrolled in school and who want to improve their basic skills in reading, writing, math, listening, and speaking.  Adult Basic Education is designed to provide educational opportunities leading to acquiring basic literacy, employment, postsecondary education, and training, and also helps students prepare to take the HiSET exam. Free program.

HiSET:  Salem High School is an official HiSET Testing Center (paper-based test).  July 2020 test dates: July 28 and 30, 2020. See the ABE/HiSET tab for more information. 

Pathways for Extended Learning: This program is designed for students ages 21 or older with developmental or intellectual challenges who wish to improve basic academic and socialization skills.  A dedicated group of teachers and staff members work alongside students as they participate in activities that align with their abilities.  Special projects may include music, cooking, crafts, storytelling, and life skills. Free program.

 Enrichment Classes:  Community Enrichment classes are for adults ages 16 and older who wish to learn new skills or develop new interests. Classes range from art, yoga, knitting, tai chi, exercise, computers, financial planning, and more.  Tuition varies.  

English as a Second Language:  The English as a Second Language program is designed for non-native speakers of English and offers several levels of instruction to students from all over the world.  The instructional focus is on providing students the opportunity to speak, write, listen, and read English.  Students will work at their own level and have multiple opportunities to practice their language skills.  Free program.

Please contact Salem Continuing and Alternative Education: 603-893-7074.  The Continuing Education office is located within Salem High School, 44 Geremonty Drive, Salem, NH.