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Transportation: SSD Bus Information

Locate Your Child's Bus Number & Bus Stop

Step 1: Determine your child's bus number:

  • The spreadsheet below has information that is split up with a tab for each elementary, middle and high school. 
    • Pick the tab based on the school your student will be attending.
    • Locate your street.  The column next to the street will give the bus route number assigned to that street.


Open Street-to-Bus Route Spreadsheet


Step 2: Determine your child's bus stop:

  • Once you have the bus route number, open the document listed on the right that corresponds to the school your child will be attending then locate the bus number.
  • Look for the stop that is closest to your address and that will be your child’s bus stop for the year. 
    • Please note not every student will have a bus stop directly in front of the house. Whenever possible we try to consolidate bus stops to more than one student can be picked up at a time.  Consolidating stops at corners and grouping neighbors to one stop helps to make the bus routes shorter by not having to make multiple stops on one road.