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Salem Public Schools: An Educated Choice

District News

Dates for Filing for Office

Superintendent of Schools, Michael W. Delahanty, has announced the dates for filing for the election of school officials for the Salem School District.
Candidates for the position of school board member and elected official may file beginning Wednesday, January 23, 2019, through Friday, February 1, 2019.

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Feeding a Passion for Learning

It's opening day for the Three Seasons Restaurant and the first plate of food will soon be served to customers and members of the culinary program advisory board. As Chef Bratz orchestrates students to their various cooking stations, Assistant Chef & Instructor Kaci Ahern greets the first customers arriving out front. It’s about to get real. Listen to the podcast...

An Argument for Writing

Creating an effective, evidence-based argument is an important life skill.  Learn how a self-directed workshop approach is building better writers and arguers...

How to Create a Problem-Solver

Salem students are learning to explore and overcome obstacles. Just don't tell them it's really about math.  Find out how interactive software programs like ST Math promote individualized learning...

The Value of a Creative Mind

With all the emphasis on STEM skills, why are more and more employers looking to the arts for new workers? This podcast explores the many skills required to produce The Sound of Music...