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ParentSquare: A Single Place for All School Communication

About ParentSquare

The Salem School District uses ParentSquare as its primary tool for parent communications. ParentSquare consolidates district, school, and teacher communications into one location and can be accessed via a web portal ( or a mobile app.

While creating a ParentSquare account is not necessary to receive messages, parents with accounts can view all relevant messaging in one place and customize how (email, text, app) and when (nightly digest or instantly) you receive messages. Other benefits of creating your account include customized language translation settings and access to interactive features that streamline teacher-to-parent communications.

ParentSquare Overview

Getting Started

ParentSquare can be accessed via a common web portal or through a mobile app. All families have been added to ParentSquare with information stored in our student information system.

Access ParentSquare:

Use to access on a computer or laptop.

  • App Download:

Scan the QR code for your device

Apple --

Android --

Register: Provide Your Phone or Email:

Set up your account by entering the phone number or email address you provided to the school. Then follow the directions to verify your account and create your password.

Use the app or go to:

Locate the "Register" form --

Confirm Your Contact Information:

Upon login, you will be asked to verify/confirm your email and phone number are correct. This is a one-time process that will send codes to your phone and email.