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ParentSquare: How to Control Notifications

How to Control/Change Notification Frequency/Modality

School and Teacher Messaging

Parents will receive email, text, and/or app messages from their student's school and classroom teacher through ParentSquare. This will vary by the different school levels but general announcements and messages will include:

  • School announcements
  • Classroom communications
  • Direct messages
  • Reminders
  • Other activity-related notifications

Default Message Frequency


By default, all email messages are set to DIGEST mode, wherein, parents will receive one daily email for ALL notifications from the district, school, classroom teachers, and coaches at the end of the day in a single email.

Text Messages

By default, all text messages are set to send INSTANTLY, wherein, parents will receive text notifications from the district, school, classroom teachers, and coaches as they are published.

App Notifications

Notifications are not sent to the ParentSquare mobile app until parents download the app and create their accounts. Once you do this, notifications will be sent INSTANTLY to the app.

Modify Message Frequency

How to Turn Off Notifications or Change Frequency

Parents can modify their default notification settings after registering accounts in ParentSquare. The notification settings allow you to turn messaging off for specific modalities (email, text, app) or change the frequency of these to either DIGEST or INSTANT mode.

How to Access Notification Settings (Web Portal)

  • Click the NOTIFICATION SETTINGS in the left-hand navigation under SETTINGS

  • Modify the settings for the Salem School District or each individual school your students attend by selecting OFF, INSTANT or DIGEST.
  • You can change settings for EACH school your child attends and the District.

Access Notification Settings (ParentSquare Mobile App)

  • From the home screen tap the triple bar menu at top left.

  • Select Account and then Notifications.

  • Select how you want to be notified at each school.
    • Turn OFF Custom Settings to use the same notification settings for all schools.
    • Turn ON Custom Settings to set different notifications at each school.
  • Toggle on or off to receive Email, Text and/or App Notifications.
  • Select Instant or Digest for each mode. Note: Digest is recommended – you will receive one notification per day, for all posts, in the evening.